Teacher or Administrator?

Being a teacher is great however being a good teacher is hard. In Indonesia, teacher should be able to create program tahunan, known as PROTA (annual program), program semester, known as PROMES (semester program), syllabus, kartu soal (testing planning card), kisi kisi soal (syllabus for testing planning) lesson planning, evaluation, enrichment, and remedial program. All this administrative works are defined as one of the teaching device.

By doing so, teacher will be a busy administrator for a while. However, if teacher don't make it, then the assessor or the supervisor will consider the teacher as unqualified teacher. In the other hand, if teacher is always busy about creating these too many administrative works, then, sometimes teaching activity in the classroom will a little bit ignored.

As a teacher who is working in a stated owned school, I have to prepare all this administrative works, and I've found it really hard to manage my time since I think I have such an overloaded schedule for a week. I have to teach 32 hours a week. It means that I almost don't have chance to prepare my all administrative work in short time due to the deadlines set by the assessor or supervisor.

In conclusion, being an ideal teacher needs strong and serious effort. Instead of being a good teacher, in Indonesia, teacher will be more like an administrative staff.

Learning Language Using Computer Assisted Learning Language

There are so many modern gadgets like tablet, phablet, mobile phone, smart phone, ultrabook, and there are still many more...

What is the benefit of these gadgets for students? only for having fun like playing game? To my mind, which is based on my assumption, playing games may benefits students in learning English language especially in learning reading because students have to learn some new vocabularies in understanding some instruction written in English.

However, some experts still argue that playing game may benefit students who are learning language. Is there any correlation study about this? about the correlation between playing game and students' achievement in learning language?

Learning language using computer assisted learning language has been controversy for years. The wise way is that teacher should be able to adapt the new technology into learning situation by using some software or interactive social media which may help students to learn language.

This era is also called digital era in which students will automatically engage into digital technology like smartphone and tablet pc. Why don't we use these gadgets to facilitate students in learning language? as we know that the mainstream nowadays is student centered where teacher will be a facilitator rather an instructor which is likely teacher centered.